What is Object Oriented Programming?

You know how you play with toys, like dolls, cars, and action figures? Well, imagine you’re making a game or a program on a computer, and you want to use those toys in your game.

Object-oriented programming is like using those toys to create things in your game. Each toy has its own special features and abilities that you can use to make your game more interesting.

For example, if you have a toy car, you can make it go fast or slow, turn left or right, and even change its color. And if you have a toy action figure, you can make it jump, run, and fight bad guys.

In the same way, object-oriented programming uses “objects” with their own unique features and abilities to create programs. These objects can be things like characters, vehicles, or even everyday objects like doors or chairs. You can program each object to do different things, like move, make noise, or interact with other objects.

By using object-oriented programming, you can create more complex programs that can do lots of different things and be customized in many different ways. It’s like having a big toy box full of all sorts of different toys that you can use to create amazing things!