What are Microservices?

Hey there! So, you know how sometimes you play with Lego bricks to build something big?

Well, imagine if a big computer program is like a big Lego set, with lots and lots of different bricks that all work together. But sometimes it can be hard to work with such a big set, and if one little brick breaks, it can make the whole thing stop working.

That’s where microservices come in! Instead of using one big set of Lego bricks, we can break it up into lots of smaller sets, each with their own special bricks that do a specific job. That way, if one little set breaks, the rest of the big program can keep working, because it doesn’t depend on that one little set.

So, microservices are like lots of small Lego sets, all working together to build a big program. It makes it easier to build and fix things, and it helps make sure that everything keeps working even if something goes wrong.